Handcrafted Fireplace in Ballina

Aurora Suspended fires



December 2022



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The Design Space has recently completed a project for Aurora Suspended Fireplaces in Ballina, where we completely redesigned their website with a focus on creating a visually stunning experience that incorporates smooth animations.

The project started with the creation of a custom design in Figma, which was then built on WordPress. The Design Space also created a custom post type for Aurora’s new collection, with a 3D slider that enables users to rotate the product in 360 degrees. This adds a unique and interactive element to the website that enhances user experience and makes it easier for customers to visualize the product before purchasing.

In addition, we added a 3D model to the mobile version of the website, which can be placed in the user’s own home via their phone camera. This innovative feature is a game changer and provides an exceptional level of convenience to customers who are unsure about where to install their fireplace.

Overall, The Design Space has delivered a highly successful project for Aurora Suspended Fireplaces, creating a stunning website that is both visually appealing and highly functional. The integration of 3D elements adds a unique and interactive touch, while the mobile feature allows customers to visualize products in their own home, enhancing the overall customer experience.