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January 2023



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At Thedesignspace, we had the privilege of collaborating with Sacred Heart Funeral, a compassionate funeral company rooted in Coraki, NSW. As your local, independent Far North Coast Funeral Home, they take pride in offering funeral services deeply rooted in traditions that foster healing practices and genuine community care.

One of the distinguishing features of Sacred Heart Funeral is their commitment to providing affordable end-of-life package options that prioritize both financial accessibility and environmental sustainability. Their approach ensures that honoring the departed doesn’t come at a high cost to families or harm to the Earth.

To extend the reach and accessibility of their services, we undertook the task of crafting a responsive website that reflects the heartfelt dedication of Sacred Heart Funeral. This website serves as a comprehensive resource, offering a wealth of detailed information about their services, values, and the caring team behind the scenes.

Situated in Coraki, their Sacred Earth funeral home, chapel, and mortuary hold a central location within the Far North Coast region, making it easily accessible for families from Ballina, Casino, Evans Head, Lismore, and beyond. This strategic location ensures that Sacred Heart Funeral can provide their compassionate services to a wide community.

At Thedesignspace, we recognize the significance of presenting sensitive information with utmost respect and clarity. Our collaboration with Sacred Heart Funeral reflects our commitment to creating a responsive website that not only conveys their values but also facilitates easy access to essential information during times of grief.

Through our partnership, we’ve helped Sacred Heart Funeral extend their compassionate care to a broader audience, ensuring that those in need can find solace and support during their difficult times. Sacred Heart Funeral’s dedication to promoting healing practices and community care shines through in every aspect of their online presence.